Sometimes after a hard week God sees fit to balance it out with good. Small things, usually, but balancing, nonetheless.

The broken door to the van was fixed. Not in a few days, but a few minutes, rather. And not for a few hundred bucks, but zero, actually. Thank you, Mike Shoup. You have no idea what that means to us…

The “dreaded chiropractic appointment” for the girl with the injured knee was attended to by a doctor who not only saw the problem, but is oh-so-good with kids. (She may have complained about the exercises she is now required to do, but I secretly found her working on them by herself. That’s – amazing.) Thank you, Dr. Ryan. You have no idea how grateful I am…

A much needed weekend may have begun a little too early on a Saturday morning for the likings of this woman who will never be a morning person, but once the cup of coffee was consumed and the caffeine began to work its magic, the day turned for the better. I don’t believe in evolution, but watching my second-born cut three seconds off her back stroke in her swim meet today gives me pause. And even though my back was sore from sitting in the bleachers for three hours at a crowded meet, my view of the handsome sixth-lane timer watching his daughter swim the back stroke kept my attitude light.

Laughter from the children at dinner, even when Cobb Salad was on the menu.

Perseverance from my son with his homework, and help from his father who refused to allow me to be burdened with it.

The beautiful, squeaky sounds of a flute and violin coming from the girls’ room without prodding and nagging to practice.

A family board game that is finally not Chutes and Ladders and was actually fun.

They’re small, these things that make my life easier. And it seems silly to even think of them when things are going on in the world that should pull my spirits down like a lead ball chained to an anchor, sinking to the darkest depths of the sea. But these things were given to me as a gift. They have put the slightest weight on the other end of the scale to give me a balance – the reminder that He – my Father in heaven- still loves me. He has not forgotten me. He knows my weakness and frailty, and this week He knew I needed a little boost. Little, yes. But a boost, nonetheless.

Thank you, Abba. I would say you have no idea… but, it’s obvious you do.

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